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First, Kindle. Next, Robot Maids

It finally arrived. My new Kindle was dropped off by my UPS guy bright and early this morning, and now that I’m off the day job, I’m able to play with my new toy for a bit. So, short post today.

There’s been so much talk about how e-books and e-readers are changing the world of publishing. Detractors of the e-book say the e-sale numbers are exaggerated. Detractors for print say paper books are already dinosaurs akin to the 8-track.

My verdict: They all make good points.

I can’t speak for THE MARKET, as that’s a job for economists, and analysts, and guys who didn’t choose their college major based on what required the least math classes (hey, sue me). I will say this, the Kindle sure makes things convenient, and I can certainly see opting for an electronic version of books I’m on the fence about. But, I will still purchase hardcovers (as long as they’re available) from my favorite authors.

That’s the thing, though…why go through the extra trouble of driving to the bookstore, using my legs to walk into the store, and paying twice the (ebook) price for a book? Aside from the fact that moving and leaving the house help me not to become a diabetic hermit, the ancient way of buying a book could very well become a collector’s novelty, like the search for classic vinyl records.

And if it does?

Some folks will bitch and moan and tell stories like, “When I was your age we read our books on dead trees…”

But the world will keep spinning and our cars will keep flying (wait…that hasn’t happened yet…I have to stop revealing the secrets I learn during my time travel adventures with my eccentric scientist friend).

Anyway, you get my point. Life will go on.

At least until the Robot Maid Revolt of 2087…

Anyone got any hot Kindle recommendations for me? If so, leave ’em in the comments. Later…

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