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Hunger Games Spin-offs (Mockingjay Spoilers)

I finished Mockingjay. If you have, too, then I have questions. Do you find it interesting/odd/suspicious that the book was so vague about the 2 decades between the end and the epilogue? What’s Gale’s job in District 2? How did things go with Mrs. Everdeen’s hospital? Did Plutarch start his upbeat singing program?

This is all speculation, but is it possible that Suzanne Collins left the door open for some Hunger Games Trilogy spin-offs? If so, I have a few theories (which you shouldn’t take seriously at all) about potential directions for new Panem-based stories.

Angel Gale

Knowing that he can never truly be what Buffy Katniss needs, Angel Gale moves to Los Angeles District 2 to make amends for the atrocities he’s committed in the past. And in this corrupt city district, there are numerous threats only a vampire hunter with a soul is capable of facing.

Totally original.

Everdeen’s Anatomy

Dr. Katniss’s Mom Everdeen (does anyone remember her first name? I don’t.) is the newest surgical intern at Panem Grace Memorial Hospital. She’s super-focused on her medical career, using it to block the pain and loss she endured during the rebellion. But, when she accidentally sleeps with her new boss, things get complicated. It doesn’t help that he’s super handsome and all the other doctors call him McDistricty.

High stakes drama, disease-free promiscuity, and wacky medical conditions pulled straight from the headlines will make this an instant hit, possibly creating its own spin-off, Pirate Practice (starring Johanna and Annie).

Panem Idol

Plutarch does get his singing program off the ground. Caesar Flickerman, Effie Trinkett, and Haymitch Abernathy make up a panel of judges who make or break aspring singers throughout the nation. While it becomes a smash hit rivaling the Hunger Games themselves, it’s no less vicious. Behind the scenes cat fights, backstabbing, and a conspiracy to hijack the audience voting system makes for drama worthy of several books.

And so on…

Those are just a few of my ideas. Do you have any? Drop a line in the comments for the world to see.

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