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Shhhh…(kinda top secret)

Hey gang, just doing my usual drive-by posting. News and updates are going to be coming faster and furious(er?) since FAKE ID debuts in LESS THAN A YEAR!!! It’s been such a long journey that it’s hard to believe we’re so close now. HOWEVER, this post is not about my current project. It’s about my NEXT project.

Can’t give you details yet because it’s still in the classified phase (black bars and all), but here’s a glimpse at how things are progressing.

BTW – Everything’s not blacked out.

New Project_small

More soon…



2 Responses to “Shhhh…(kinda top secret)”

  1. Erica says:

    You are trying to make people go straight blind!!! lol I zoomed in and everything trying to see!! lol

    I can’t READ your book if I’m BLIND, L.R. and I prefer reading over audio books!

  2. L. R. Giles says:

    Hmmm…readers need eyes. Yes, you’re right, I do need to take that into consideration, don’t I?

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