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Story Starters: Leonardo U., 6th Grade

Hey there Dear Readers! Yet again, I had the privilege of attending the Virginia Children’s Book Festival at Longwood University, and play Story Starters with many awesome young writers. As is Story Starter tradition, when a writer finishes a version of the story we started, I publish here.

This year we have a very nice piece from Leonard U., 6th Grade, of Prince Edward County Middle School. Submitted for your approval…

The Story Of Myself, Brady And The Pursuing Executioners  by Leonardo U.

My name is Brady and i am running from the wicked executioners. They are hunting me because i accidentally pushed someone off of a cliff. I was captured but i managed to escape the prison. Now i must run towards the dock to sail to Las Vegas to escape the executioners. I am now on the boat hiding from potential executioners. Thankfully there are none of them on the boat. However, right before i get there, an iceberg hits the boat and it sinks. I frantically swim to the shore for my life. Eventually, i reach the coast of Las Vegas. I run to the nearest hotel and get a room. I decide that i should stay at the hotel for today. I do not know what i will do after today. However, i have finally escaped the executioners. For now that is the end of this story, goodbye.

Let’s give this Story Starter a hand, folks. Hopefully, we’ll be seeing more from him soon!

Until next time!


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