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Werewovles, writer’s block, and other myths

I just thought about werewovles. Don’t know why. A lot of writers are doing werewovles these days (and much better than I probably could) so it’s not a topic I really want to write about. Then I thought about writer’s block, which is another topic that a lot of writers seem taken with, particularly whether it’s real (like werewolves) and what to do about it (unfortunately, for those who claim to suffer from it, a silver bullet probably isn’t that effective). So…DING!…blog topic there you are.


Whether or not writer’s block is a myth is a point of contention. Many writers take the position that writer’s block doesn’t exist, that it’s just fear/laziness/lack of skill that prevent a writer from putting words on the page. To a certain level I agree (mostly with the fear part), but I think it’s just a matter of semantics over what you call it.

To hear someone say they have writer’s block, then repsond with ‘that’s not real’, is a bit condescending. You wouldn’t say that to a person who claims to be a werewolf (mostly because you’re probably questioning their sanity and your safety). While you might not fear an insane backlash from telling a person they don’t have writer’s block, you should consider that the writer before you may just see things differently, and playing high-brow doesn’t help anyone.

Mythbusters are only fun on TV.

Warding off the evil beast (writer’s block, I mean)

If you or a friend should face the mythical beast, there are a couple of ways to beat it back. Examine your manuscript and do one of the following:

During a full moon

Keep writing. Unless you hear howling/growling behind you. Then, I would suggest running*.

If you make it ’til morning, let’s have another talk about reality vs. myth. ‘Kay?

Later, gang

*ignore this advice if the werewolf is wearing a horribly outdated high school basketball uniform and/or seems obsessed with kegs of beer.

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