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Friday Night Fights: Hulk vs. Kratos

Hulk Vs. Kratos

This week’s fight promises to be brutal. Hulk aka “The Strongest There Is” Vs Kratos aka “The Ghost of Sparta” aka “The God Slayer”. Last week’s battle, Batman vs. James Bond, went lopsided on us, with Bats proving the having favorite and victor. But, no more knockouts, folks. This is our first deathmatch (and since both brawlers seem impossible to kill, this could take awhile).

So who takes this one, and why? Let’s get ready to rumble…


2 Responses to “Friday Night Fights: Hulk vs. Kratos”

  1. Erica says:

    Hmmm….I dunno. I’m going to have to lean towards Kratos on this one.

    He has ridiculous (upgradable) weapons, he’s one of Zeus’s many kids, and he’s already dead! lol And T.C. Carson’s angry voice is so much more fearful!

    I don’t know a lot about Hulk. I didn’t read the comic or watch the show really…while growing up. I did watch him on The Avengers movie. I think I may have heard something about it’s hard (or maybe even impossible) to kill him. He can jump really high….he’s strong….has anger management issue.

    But hey!! So does Kratos!!!

  2. L. R. Giles says:

    You know, I kinda gotta go with the God of War on this one, too. My sole logic for this: Video Games. Kratos’s games are so much better than any of the Hulk’s. 😉

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