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Cloud Atlas

Some Thoughts on Cloud Atlas

Cloud_Atlas_PosterFinally finished watching Cloud Atlas. I kind of loved it, mostly because I’m still thinking about it.

It almost demands a 2nd or 3rd viewing. Something I can’t say about any other film I’ve seen this year. I highly recommend the experience, though I can’t promise you’re going to enjoy it (it seems most people didn’t…on a 100 Million dollar budget, it made 27 Million in the U.S. according to IMDB). DO NOT try to watch it and multi-task; look away at the wrong point, and you’ll feel like someone changed the channel, Downton Abbey to Blade Runner, Pirates of the Caribbean to The Americans. Six (really seven) stories told across different times, with a core group of actors playing different versions of the same soul –sometimes in white and yellow face–is a tough pill. The makeup that facilitates these changes is hit or miss (the biggest misses being the racial shifts in the Neo Seoul and Cambridge segments), at times it’s enough to distract. But the beauty of home viewing is the ability to rewind and grab that crucial piece of dialogue you missed when you were thinking, “Halle Berry is one weird looking white lady.”


If you’ve got 3 hours you want to toss at a challenging film, then let this be the film. If your ideal cinematic experience involves shorter, lighter fare then avoid all six (or is it seven?) of these interconnected tales.

Fav Creepy Quote

“The weak are meat, and the strong will eat.”

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