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Climbing Out of the Hole (my new book)

Cave 1

From The Dark Knight Rises, Warner Bros.

I know I’ve been MIA for roughly a thousand years, but for good reason. I sold another book (cue airhorns, confetti, balloon drop). Thing is, I sold this book on proposal, meaning my publisher (HarperCollins, again) only saw a summary, and some sample chapters before ponying up some cash. Also meaning I had to produce an entire manuscript based on that summary and sample chapters. In six months. While working a brutally demanding day job. And preparing for the 1/21/2014 release of FAKE ID.

These are what we call “good” problems, I suppose. But, boy, did I have to hustle.

So, yeah, I descended into the WriterCave for many moons. Had to climb out. When I did, I emerged with…


The New Book

It’s called ENDANGERED (for now, titles change and I’m almost positive this one will, too). The short description goes like this: Lauren “Panda” Daniels wants to photograph wildlife for National Geographic someday. In the meantime she settles for snapping shots of her cruel classmates in compromising positions and posting them anonymously on the web. When Panda receives a photo of herself—caught red-handed in her voyeuristic revenge act—she expects the mystery photographer to bust her. Instead, she receives a series of dangerous photos from the shutterbug she dubs “The Admirer,” and along with the photos, a dare: top the death-defying snapshots. Panda meets every challenge, until the little game turns deadly. Now Panda must save the classmates she once exposed—their lives, and hers, are at stake.

That’s my latest baby, delivered to my editor at 12:22 PM yesterday. There’s still plenty of work to do here, but it’s a heck of a relief anytime you can call Draft 1 (or, if this was an Apple product, iDraft 1.04) done.


What’s Next?

Now, I must switch gears, as FAKE ID’s release is right around the corner. I’m busy talking to folks about the book (librarians, booksellers, journalists), attempting to make arrangements for a book release party, and generally getting comfortable with the idea of being the front man for a roadshow starting early next year. Is it scary? Hell yeah! In the best way possible? You know it.

In coming posts, I’ll let you know how the lead up is going. My very next post will be about some of the lessons I’ve learned as a pre-debut author. I think you’ll find it interesting and eye-opening if you have any illusions that a writer’s work is glamorous in any way. Getting a book deal is just one of many hurdles, folks. Come back and I’ll tell you about it.


I’d Appreciate Your Help

Book sales matter, particularly the sales in the first few weeks of a book’s release. It would mean a lot if you would either pre-order FAKE ID from your preferred bookseller, or make plans to order it on the release day, 1/21/2014. I’d like to keep doing this for a long time, but ultimately, it’s you who makes that decision.

Every little bit helps, and I appreciate you supporting my work. Thanks.

‘Til next time…



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Cover Reveal: Wanna See My FAKE ID?

Hey Gang,

Hafsah at IceyBooks just gave the world its first look at the cover for my upcoming Young Adult debut, FAKE ID, which is out in January. Get thee over to IceyBooks for a glimpse of what’s coming, and enter to win an Advanced Reader Copy of the book (Yes, that means you get to read it before most of the world…NICE!)

In case you missed the other two links in this post, here’s another:

Take a look and help spread the word!




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Friday Night Fights: Hulk vs. Kratos

Hulk Vs. Kratos

This week’s fight promises to be brutal. Hulk aka “The Strongest There Is” Vs Kratos aka “The Ghost of Sparta” aka “The God Slayer”. Last week’s battle, Batman vs. James Bond, went lopsided on us, with Bats proving the having favorite and victor. But, no more knockouts, folks. This is our first deathmatch (and since both brawlers seem impossible to kill, this could take awhile).

So who takes this one, and why? Let’s get ready to rumble…


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Friday Night Fights: Batman vs. 007


Image Courtesy of

Last week I posed an earth shattering question on Facebook. In a fight, decided by a ten-count knockout, who’d win: Spider-Man or Wolverine?

The debate went on for days. While many of the arguments were sound, my friend John pointed out that the fight had been decided more than twenty years ago in the pages of the aptly titled Spider-man vs. Wolverine. Result: Draw.

So, this week, I’m mixing it up a bit. I’m tossing two well-matched opponents from different universes (but with similar psychotic tendencies and equipment) into the ring. That’s right, Bruce Wayne aka Batman VS. James Bond aka 007.

The rules remain the same. This is NOT a deathmatch (saving that for next week’s match up). This is a no holds (or gadgets or cars) barred brawl to see who ends up eating mat. Ding! Ding! Ding! Let’s get it on! Sound off in the comments, on FB, or tag me on Twitter: @LRGiles

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What Do YOU LOVE To Do?

time-wiselyThere’s something I see more and more the older I get. Adults dealing with lives they thought would be drastically different, and perhaps losing themselves because of it. You didn’t become the ballplayer, or musician, or Silicon Valley whiz kid jet setting all over the world. You’ve got the mortgage, the children, the car needs a new alternator, there’s the homeowner’s association meeting with that jerk who doesn’t clean up after his dog, and on and on…

Call it what you want. The Rat Race. A Rut. Reality (this I hate more than anything, not that circumstances aren’t real, but the thought that they’re ALL that’s real). The idea that life is nothing but a cycle of getting up, going to the job you merely tolerate (or possibly loathe), coming home to veg on the couch, then doing it again the next day. To what end? Yes, bills must be paid. Adults often have to do things they aren’t enthusiastic about. But sometimes that kind of thinking becomes a crutch that keeps one hobbling along the same unchanging path.

Whenever I’m with someone who starts venting about any of the above, I ask the same question. What do you love to do? Increasingly, the answer I hear is, “I don’t know.”

And that’s scary.

Because I don’t believe they really don’t know. I believe they’ve built a wall–one they can lean on–between their true joy in life and the daily minutiae that keeps the direct deposit coming in every two weeks. Here’s the problem…

Two weeks turns into two months. Then years and decades. That’s too long not to know. So, a challenge. Answer the question honestly. What do YOU LOVE to do?

Me? It’s no secret. Writing. But, I also enjoy making digital art in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. I’m not great–or even very good–at the artistic stuff. But I really get lost in it. It helps on the bad days. You have to do what you have to do, but nothing’s stopping you from doing what you want to do.

Again, what do YOU LOVE to do? And please, no cop-out answers (e.g. drink, smoke, have sex, be with your kids). I get it, you may really LOVE doing those things, but you KNOW that’s not what I’m talking about…

Answer below or  tweet with me, hashtag #WDYLTD

Next post: The first step to recovery is admitting you have a passion…





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