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Admit You Have a Passion

In my last post, I touched on a belief I have that as some (most?) adults get older, they tend to suppress the things that truly make them happy, to the point where they forget SOMEthing once brought them joy. I likened it to building a wall between what’s considered real (miserable daily existence) and what’s considered fantasy ( for example, making money building things from LEGOs, because that’s SOOOO farfetched).

Here’s the thing, I do believe many people have built these walls, but I don’t believe they’ve built particularly tall walls. That means with some tip-toe action, and a little stretching, one might see what’s on the other side of the wall. They can see their joy again.

Another way to look at it: addicts are told the first step to recovery is admitting they have a problem. I believe the same is true here. People who are addicted to being miserable must recognize there are ways for them to be happy. The first step to their recovery is admitting they have a passion.

This may be the last time I write about this here. Let’s face it, I write crime and dark fantasy stories…I’m no life coach. But, I do feel driven to spread the positive. IF you’d like to see more motivational posts that are simple, but won’t short you on ‘A-Ha!’ moments, check out this site (one of my new, favorite web destinations):

One of the very best pieces I’ve seen on the site comes from the late philosopher Alan Wilson Watts (courtesy of Tragedy and Hope Productions over on YouTube):

Make of it what you will, share if you like. That’s all from me, Folks.

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What Do YOU LOVE To Do?

time-wiselyThere’s something I see more and more the older I get. Adults dealing with lives they thought would be drastically different, and perhaps losing themselves because of it. You didn’t become the ballplayer, or musician, or Silicon Valley whiz kid jet setting all over the world. You’ve got the mortgage, the children, the car needs a new alternator, there’s the homeowner’s association meeting with that jerk who doesn’t clean up after his dog, and on and on…

Call it what you want. The Rat Race. A Rut. Reality (this I hate more than anything, not that circumstances aren’t real, but the thought that they’re ALL that’s real). The idea that life is nothing but a cycle of getting up, going to the job you merely tolerate (or possibly loathe), coming home to veg on the couch, then doing it again the next day. To what end? Yes, bills must be paid. Adults often have to do things they aren’t enthusiastic about. But sometimes that kind of thinking becomes a crutch that keeps one hobbling along the same unchanging path.

Whenever I’m with someone who starts venting about any of the above, I ask the same question. What do you love to do? Increasingly, the answer I hear is, “I don’t know.”

And that’s scary.

Because I don’t believe they really don’t know. I believe they’ve built a wall–one they can lean on–between their true joy in life and the daily minutiae that keeps the direct deposit coming in every two weeks. Here’s the problem…

Two weeks turns into two months. Then years and decades. That’s too long not to know. So, a challenge. Answer the question honestly. What do YOU LOVE to do?

Me? It’s no secret. Writing. But, I also enjoy making digital art in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. I’m not great–or even very good–at the artistic stuff. But I really get lost in it. It helps on the bad days. You have to do what you have to do, but nothing’s stopping you from doing what you want to do.

Again, what do YOU LOVE to do? And please, no cop-out answers (e.g. drink, smoke, have sex, be with your kids). I get it, you may really LOVE doing those things, but you KNOW that’s not what I’m talking about…

Answer below or  tweet with me, hashtag #WDYLTD

Next post: The first step to recovery is admitting you have a passion…





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